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There is too much information being presented through various forms of media i.e., TV, Computers- Social Media, I -Phones, Radios, News Papers, Magazines, Posters, Billboards, Mailings, etc. So much information being presented at rapid speed it is impossible for any individual to actually intergrate and take seriously the world as presented through media. Also there is an enormous amout of Marketing material designed to inspire the consumer to make purchases.

So much useless information designed to fire the imagination one could not possibly obtain the elusive imaginary concept described as "Satisfaction."  Designed Obsolescents- not only in physical material objects but in our very minds as well. 

Need and Want being designed and sold at the market place to the masses toward an effort to "satisfy" some created in the factory constant urge to feel better. Why would one need to feel better? What is making one feel poorly?

Satisfaction from this perspective becomes quite an absurdity and perhaps could aptly be portrayed by a cartoonist as followers:A cartoonist draws a Squirrel scurrying into a local book store moving to the self help section where a book with a picture of a squirrel on the cover is found. A book teaching the needy inadequate squirrel how to live a better and improved life in order to obtain the right food and shelter. In other words when a species comes to the point where Food and Shelter are removed from them and presented back to them in the form of an aspiration, a dream, a hoped for, A not yet "haved," a something you must prove yourself worthy of in order to obtain- this is a glowing example of a very lost and sad species and proof that something has gone very very wrong.

Most of us have lost touch or contact with what is most essential about our very existence and that is love for self and other.  Love, which can not manifest without acknowledging the other is you.

It is quite silly for an affluent person to decide to give to a charity to help another person-when the other is you? You are that other, no more or no less. One needs help as does the other- Only an imposed structure where an unnatural police state ensures private property dominates could have created a situation where an individual would actually conceive that they are better than another. That they somehow are more worthy  than someone else. Love your self as you love your neighbor means you and other are inextricably connected. We are one. It is the illusionary objects that keep people hypnotized and comfortable in their separtion from reality.

 There is no major figure extant in the media who has the ability to stir us on a deep emotional and human level- most if not all sound like empty vessels. Take Romney for example, an empty vessel who is told what to say, when to say it and how to say it. People instinctively realize this and feel or are left with an empty feeling after experiencing him.

Just look up Martin Luther King Jr.'s last public words at the rally for the garbage men's strike the night before he was killed. He was coming from a real place, a meaningful place, a connective and whole place, a genuine place and he could not be denied- his, our spirit lives on and carries life forward.

We all instinctively know something has gone very very wrong and this has been with us for a long long time- The creation of the experiment named the USA  began with the obliteration of one race and the enslavement of another- to the enslavment of all of us- How could  this change unless we all wake up!


But all that useless information designed to fire our imagination makes us unable to achieve any semblance of perceiving what is natural. Perceiving what is natural would involve acknowledging that Food and Shelter, something born in nature, has been lost and taken from us, it is presented to us in a dream, the American Dream, The American Dream is a cruel Joke- and Patriotism is an acronym:


P athectic A ttempt T oward R edfining I nhumanity O nly T o I ntimidate S ubjugated M asses.













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