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On C-Span's Washington Journal this morning the guest was discussing Veteran's Health Care.

While listening to this discussion I began to realize that this topic opens a path through which a basic flaw in American Capitalism is exposed.

The flaw arises upon realizing that in the ideal, the abstract notion of America, Veterans are praised in lofty hyperbole worthy of the upmost respect, admiration and concern. However, in the real day to day life of people living in a capitalistic economy; Veteran's are for the most part discriminated by the same catergory of which many other underpriveledged American's find themselves.

This catergory is created by discrimination based on income and wealth. Since Capitalism is an economic institution it has to exclude in order to exist. As Karl Marx instructed, "Take from an institution its power of exclusion and it ceases to exist. Without exclusion based on income and wealth, Capitalism could not exist.

The strange aspect here is that most grunt soldiers belong to the underclass or underpriveledged. Therefore, those who fight in these profit producing ventures denoted as "wars," are basically fighting for the continuation of their own discrimination. It is these young people, fighting for their country, their beloved Capitalism, fighting to maintain the laws of Capitalism ;i.e., the law of discrimination based on income and wealth, who are fighting against their own interest.

In this sense since most of the young people who actually go to risk loss of life and limb are not

wealthy and are usually of the lower economic classes; they are fighting to maintain their own discrimination.

The very economic system that has sent off the American soldier in order to gain profit (with little or noting in return for the soldier but injury and pain) could not be expected to offer something to the soldier against the laws of Capitalism- against the very principals that have motivated the soldier to figh? Because this would be insane would it not? The soldier does not wish to fight against the very ideals that has motivated him to take on such heroic risks because this would be an absurdity.

Offering a wounded soldier free top notch health care would be an insult because one without huge income and wealth in a capitalistic economic system would not expect top notch health care.They would know that they do not deserve top notch healthcare.

However a CEO from Haliburton who has huge income and wealth- someone like this would deserve great health care. Someone like timid Dick Cheeny who applied for five deferments and was granted five deferments, he does deserve great health care as he can afford it.

Dick Cheeny, according to his wife Lynn, had been investing in the internet during the 1960's, he was not interested in going off to fight in the Vienam war- he is however interested in sending other young people off to war in order that he may continue to yield huge profits off of them. He has no fear in sending other people's children off to war.

Isn't this timid man Dick Cheeny smart?

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