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Regarding an important aspect not often mentioned when reflecting upon the events on the day of 911, it is essential to ask: Why was the Emergency Broadcast system not utilized over the air waves on this day to instruct people of what to do as well as what the status of events were at any giving time?

One may say that any refelection upon this event that occurred over nine years ago is simply 20/20 hindsight. However the authorities who did not activate the Emergency Broadcast system and allowed commericial air waves do this job,were the ones acting as if they had 20/20 hindsight on the very day itself; as if they did not need any vetting of an official voice to guide people. As if they already knew the parameters of the attack, as if they knew it was only air planes and not trucks or cars or bridges or high-tower roof- tops. As if they already knew the beginning, middle and end of this attack.

As if a "media" person who is not officially vetted could be trusted to get the information right or not to manipulate information. I believe if one looks back on videos of this days events they will see and hear Donald Rumsfield stating that the reason the Pentagon was not ready and alerted is because they did not have their TV on. So am I to believe the Defense department recieves their most vital information from CNN from TV?

The pentagon does not have any mechanisms to utilize defensive measures in an emergency situation? (If they were the department of defense one would expect them to be more prepared that any institution in the world - but they are only a sneaker factory- right?) How could they know a plane was headed in their direction as they did not have the TV on that morning.

So are we to believe that the Defense department of the "Greatest Nation" on earth relies on CNN for this kind of information and alerts?

It is all so illogical and falls apart when one reflects upon many aspects that belong to this day.

Questions need to be asked, lets continue to ask them.

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