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Discrimination based on Wealth and Income: The health care debate

Regarding the Health Care Debate- Senator Harkin (D) Iowa spoke about discrimination based on health in relation to the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. His argument concerned itself with some being placed in a high risk pool. He and President Obama articulated that this mechanism was basically unfair because the cost for insurance to those in this pool would be too expensive.


This brings up an essential problem regarding not only Health Care but all human concerns within the context of a Capitalistic economy. The problem is that many Americans wish to believe discrimination of any kind is wrong, however; Dicrimination based on income and wealth is an essential aspect that belongs to Capitalism. Without discrimination based on income and wealth, capitalism ceases to exist. As Karl Marx instructs: "Take from an institution its power of exclusion and it ceases to exist." Therefore, if you take from a capitalistic system its power to exclude it ceases to exist.


The flaw that exist within Capitalism is in the conflict between ideal and real. In the ideal of Democracy everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in economic freedom. In the real or actual day to day operations, the very economic structure of capitalism, guarantees that many are excluded. Very simply, without exclusion based on income and wealth, this economic system would cease to exist. Income and wealth can not exist without discrimination.  Discrimination creates the wealth, discrimination does not necessarily keep people away from wealth, it actually creates the wealth.

Now many would argue that Capitalism is a fair and just system based on the free market system where competition dictates price and profit. However, within the ideals of Democracy people are led to believe that their voice, i.e., desires, wants and needs (which change over time) deserve a place in the public debate and also the public policy. If one is fortunate and they are healthy in body as well as pocketbook they usually tend to ascribe to the free market system. But when circumstances change and their needs and desires are altered by these changes one usually also has a change of perspective. When circumstances change for the worst, it is at this point that many wish to have their "unique" needs and wants addressed in public policy because the free market system no longer works to their advantage.

If one can not afford what they once took for granted they begin to behave differently and seek change in public policy for themselves, (but not necessarily for others).

But most people do not wish to accept that many people are made unfortunate as a result of a Capitalistic free market system. This idea is somehow anathema to most Americans. The reasons for being so adverse to anything that is critical to Capitalisim are far too complex for the purpose of this Op-Ed, however; it many times becomes necessary to question the very structure of Capitalism it self. One aspect that deserves at least a mention is the dynamic involving the inculcating of a desire or wish through marketing or advertising that does not necessarily exist or belong to the person, who is made to feel unsatisfied unless he obtains what he actually does not want or need. As in the rather simple Rolling Stones song of the 1960's "Satisfaction": Some man comes on and tells me about some useless information suppose to fire my imagination.. and how white my shirts can be.. but he can't be a man if he doesn't smoke the same cigarettes as me, I can't get no- satisfaction." From this one should infer that planned obsolescence does not only manifest in material goods and products, but also within one's psyche or personality; planned obselescence also effects that part of us that is beyond the physical or other than the physical the metaphysical. One's induced sense of esteem becomes obsolete and one needs to feed this false sense of self designed by the marketing of a capitalistic enterprise.
Concerning the concept and dynamic know as "motvation," this is another complex matter. People are inculcated to believe their hard work, unique gifts and talents deserve reward at the market place- and without these rewards people would cease to become motivated. What an insult to humanity. When one stops to seriously consider what capitalism says about humans one would have to agree that Capitalism is one huge insult to humanity and does much more harm than good.

Now it is reasonable to expect that many would argue that the free market system found within a capitalistic economy allows for important advancements for humanity. But what about these so-called advancements?  Are they actually advancements? People are inculcated to think, or to be more precise, their minds from infancy on are structured and trained to see the world in a linear progressive unfolding of reality. Therefore there is an embedded expectation of things moving forward and supposedly for the better. But this illusion of progress is actually better for who? Is it continually better for the exploited laborer? The common man whose hard work contributes greatly to the margin of profit the capitalist with his ruddy fat hands acquires and enjoys?  Without the laborer there is no rich capitalist. The Rich Capitalists can not exist alone on an Island.

Right here the typical person adamantly disagress with the aforementioned. This is because one is led to believe that by hard work and a focused goal they too can make it to the top. This illusion of one day becoming an exploiter yourself inorder to make your margin of profit larger than your fellow citizen is a sinister and pernicious dynamic that denies the very aspect that one wishes to become an exploiter. Most would aver I do not wish to exploit, I wish to make my wealth by my superior nature and hard work-  BS.


Many would argue that they do not wish to exploit, they simply wish to utilize their "god" giving talents and initiative at the free market in order to realize a better life for themselves. Their logic continues that in America everyone is afforded this opportunity. Only if things where so simple as this fanciful utopian idea that exist in the false promises Capitalism offers.

The forces and factors carried out every day within a Capitalistic economy is so destructive to every aspect of life that it makes one want to either laugh or cry, perhaps both. To make a clear and simple point, a tree, plant, animal any living thing other than the human being does not have to explain itself- or its exisitence it is unquestonably alive. However, as a result of the structures of capitalism, what becomes manifest in everyones' life, is the constant requirement to explain themself. As in what are you doing now? What are you doing here? What do you want? Are you good? Are you wasting time?  What are your options? Who has the power? Can I aquire Power? What a silly yet horrible state we as humans have made for ourselves.

Most, not all, but most working class people, wish to see reality other than it is for their own psychological comfort. They do not want to accept that hard laborious work will never make one financially wealthy- It is in making others labor intensively for you with little return for the other that makes one financially wealthy.

This rather obvious fact could be considered an ugly reality that requires a pretty covering. If all were to accept that one must exploit and beat out all those around them in order to gain, the need for a police force would be greater than it already is. Therefore, Capitalism is full of glorious ideals of patriotism, love of neighbor and fellow man, and love of freedom in order that one may be able to constanly avoid genuine universal criticism and maintain the inculcated belief that the onus for misfortune must always fall upon the individual. The citizen in American life learns to internalize the controling forces of the state with the unfortunate consequence that the individual becomes intimidated and self-doubting as well as self-loating if they have ideas contrary to the ideals of their nation or country.

Because their are those strong individuals who refuse to internalize the cold alienated ideas of the state, police and jails become necessary for the state to continue their control and order by sheer cohersive tactics. These tactics accomplish two main goals. One is to actually control those who will not submit to abusive oppression and the other goal is to intimidate others by showing the sheer brutality of the state when it legitimizes the need for a show of force.

Regarding the notion of freedom a humorous could state the following: In America you have to love freedom, if you don't they'll put you in jail. Also, on a more serious theme, The strength of democracy is in the fact that it offers the illusion of freedom. Without this illusion of freedom people would begin to realize on a grand scale that the profit - makers are not kind souls who have the ability to offer jobs but actually are people who are in the position to exploit others for their own gain.

Many inculcated trained hypnotized non-intellectual people are fond of expousing that I never got a job from a poor man. Yes, it is rare that a poor man has the ability or position to exploit others, however; the media has conviced many that it is the poor or to be more precise the people with very little power who somehow magically have the power to interfere with your ability to exploit others for your own gain. To exploit for your own private interest, as in the origin of the word idiot meaning of private interest.

Capitalism has made many a man privately intersted; In other words, capitalism has made many idiots. These idiots wish to believe people with little power have enormous power to ruin things for the good little capitalist-How does a concept like this become embedded in the mind of the masses. Maybe the masses are asses.

The common good is usually realized too late and by this I mean that when one (as noted above) has their power- (income-wealth) altered due to changed circumstances, they also have a less powerful voice, in that, almost no one hears them or no one wants to hear them as their articulations now become mostly anathema to the "masses."

The idea of a collective good is not of Capitalism. In Capitalism it is the few who control the many by not only brute control in the nature of a police force and jails but also in many subliminal pyschological messages pervasive throughout culture that inculcate an adversion to a collective good. It is Caitalism that is utopian- it is a lie covered by more lies and served up on pretty platters that feed the appetite of the hypnotized. And as the "Who" lyric states: The hypnotized never lie, do ya?"

A simple, logical, straight foward means for people to live in some semblance of peace and enjoyment is altered by the utopian promises of what has become known as Capitalism. Are you a Capitalist?- A believer in a Utopian ideal? Yes? Lets hope your circumstances stay fortunate for you always- If not, well I think your desire for alterations or change will be too little too late.

The utopian ideal does not exist anywhere else except in Capitalism with all its illusionary promises that play upon self esteem and worldy comforts. Utopia does not exist anywhere in the works of Karl Marx. Many have misinterpeted his idea of Historical materialism which for this writer is of little consequence. However, Marx's ability to scrupulously examine the conflicts and fallacies of capitalisim's economic structure with much built upon Hegel and those who came before is a very humane effort on his part.

So if one wishes to accept the actual dynamics within a capitailstic economic structure please have the courage and fortitude to do away with the illusions and accept that it is a brutal, non-caring, inhumane motivation that perpetuates the class system. That discrimination based on wealth and income is an essential component that belongs to capitalism.

So lets stop adding lies and illusions to the nature of the beast and accept it for what it is. This way, if seen unvarnished, perhaps one may have a genuine opportunity to remove the chains as at least they could be seen and felt. Perhaps the pain of the truth would set one free.

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