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About the emerging dichotomy in the Rebulican party between those who wish to connect to and those who wish to be dis-connected from the so- called tea parties, town hall meetings and the paltry amount of people who protested at the Washington mall last weekend.

It is many times purported that the average American citizen is moderate in relation to issues and does not fall into the extreme catergories of the left or right. However if one observed the protest against healthcare reform in Washington DC last weekend one saw many signs with extreme messages- spewing hate and intolerance.

This fact provides evidence that the group on the mall could not have been a very large sample, as it seemed that most of those who arrived were comprized of what would have to be considered " the extreme."

Many conservative analyst either in the newspapers or on televison informed that the presentaion of people with these visceral messages only served to harm the conservative movement and that most conservative thinking people would not wish to be seen in such a poor light.

If the crowd was indeed impressive, the dominant message presented would have been more even tempered and thoughtful. The extreme commenators in the media- Hannity, et. al- would have one believe that most people are against the current president and his administration's policies; when this is clearly not the case.

The elections in 2010 should hopefully make it known that liberal minded people are the dominant national force and probably will be for the next thirty years.

What the Rebublican party will do until then one can only wait and observe. If it looks very much as if president Obama is strong in the polls around 2012- who will be the sacrificial lamb for the Republican presidential nominee? I would not be surprized if they cajole Sarah Palin-to do it. For now they are keeping her out of the lime light in order that she does not embarrass herself to the point where she would not even serve as sacrifical lamb.

A strong public option in health care is demanded by the vast majority of people and as president Obama informs 2/3's of the cost will come from more effecient spending of the current two trillion being spent on Health Care and the other 1/3 will come from the "ultra-wealthy."

Huge cuts in military profit making entities for the ultra- wealthy will have to be made- Watch out for scare tactics and reports of terrorist out there in the media- this non-sense has already begun. We will not buy it this time.

We know global banking investors, global military investors, global real estate investors , global pharmaceutical investors and global energy investors are the actual enemies of the common man.

We do not need a weather man or Michael Moore to know which way the wind blows.

We have had enough of these scare tactics. No More.

Buckle up as the ride continues to get bumpy!

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