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I want to say something, what it is I do not yet know. Hopefully it will come to me. I hope I will not "Sigh" after my idea is put in words as in Nietzsche's aphorism-

Sigh- "I caught this insight on the way and quickly seized the rather poor words that were closest to hand to pin it down lest it fly away again. And now it has died of these arid words and shakes and flaps in them-and I hardly know any more when I look at it how I could ever have felt so happy when I caught this bird."

I remain in wait for my insight. ...

Do I want to discuss Fox news?- I am tired of this.. No way.

I do want to say a few words about the enormous amount of coverage politicians have received in the last twenty years- when they cough we know it- overload.

I have previously spoke about Roger Grimsby's salutation- not tonight.

The advent and purpose of consciousness? Read Nietzsche's On the genius of the species- a detailed analysis can be found regarding this subject- a brilliant one.

The human species appears to have become more constricted, small, overly measured and predictable over time- and this is a cause for much nausea.

We as a species define everything so much that we have defined everything out of existence- This is in some small way- an approach toward understanding Nietzsche when he lamented- "God is dead.'

The old subway wall admonition that went as follow- Nietzsche- "God is dead"- God "Nietzsche is dead"-
is a misunderstanding of what Nietzsche was discussing.

And people thought that subway message was so smart.

Any way-- people have for far too long been ruled by a tool- the tool of exchange- an economic tool to receive things- money if you will- has made all of us human all too human.

We see everything through the lends of this economic tool- when we consider something is so great that it is something money can't buy- money is in the equation- in the comparitive.

An abstract value- the monetary value of something rules the day-

How much? How much? How much is that? How much should I sell this for? How much should I spend on this? How much should I save? How much is that doggy in the window?

How much does it cost to have a dog these days?

Do you think we can afford this?

I guess if money and all that this concept involves were to disappear off the face of the earth- would life continue? Would grass disappear? Would trees disappear? Would water disappear? Would the sun disappear? What would we do if money did not exist? Would squirrels become unable to function if there were no such thing as money? Would ants cease to exist? Would humans be able to survive without money?

What is that I hear- humans would become so unruly without money? A lot of stealing would be going on?
At one point in human existence- when no concept of a means of exchange existed- there must have been nothing but stealing going on. Has any rodents or ground hogs been stealing from your garden?
Have you called the police?

Money and all this term implies has made the human animal a very mean and small creature- a very boring- non interesting menace upon the face of the earth.

As Nietzsche purported- On the core of the earth there lies a surface- on this surface lies a skin on this skin lies a skin disease- humans are the skin disease on the surface of the earth.

It did not have to be this way- it still could be otherwise- but not when money exists.

Money has made much ugliness where there was none.

I look at these words and- Sigh.

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Comment by LohanP on August 28, 2009 at 5:11am
How do I know people are worried? The phrase "How to make money during a recession" has started to become more common again in my search term results. Plus, the bigger companies have stopped spending while they wrangle over budget cuts. And entrepreneurs are focusing more seriously on making more sales.Everybody is fighting the recession in one way or another. (Except for rich people – but they don't deserve sympathy.) Part of fighting the recession is handling layoffs, and for some, having to go job hunting. It's never easy, and learning how to be marketing yourself effectively is a must, but with slim prospects, you have to find out how to come up with some cash in the mean time. Some have moved back in with their parents, and many find odd jobs to earn a little extra. Don't give up searching – ever. You can't give up looking. It's hard to cope with fighting the recession with no installment loans to back you up, but don't stop the good fight.


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