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The theme in this post is being repeated as I wrote a previous one with this same theme several months ago.

The denotation of "greedy" to describe Wall Street Brokers, Investment bankers and other people who strive to make billions per year is doing a great disservice.

These immature humans require a term that is more precise and accurate. The term Needy would be more accurate. Now let me explain why"Needy" fits the bill.

In Western Civilization, the monotheistic concept of "God," can be described as one without limit, one without need. In other words the concept of the all powerful from this perspective is not wanting, not hungry, does not need money, clothes, jewelry, cars, mansions, etc.

Along with this concept of "God," in Western Civilization there is also the concept of "Father" and "Mother." A Father in the ideal does not have a need to show off, or to be aquisitive, or gaudy, or strive to appear more than he is. The Father cares about his family and does not need to make any effort "be better than," or to appear as if he "has it going on," or as if he needs to make the most, or be the most. A Father is quietly strong and masculine does not act childish- "high-fiving" if you will.

The Mother is also a strong ideal one who is looking after her young without such childish needs. Remember I am describing an ideal a model. If one were to posit a scale of greatness- [ a very child-like thing]- God-like- ranks very high in Western Civilization.

Investment Bankers and the like are quite childish and very needy- they need to make more and buy more and more, constantly attempting to do better than others: like a child showing off for their parent.

They behave very much like needy little children and not at all similiar to the concept of the all powerful ideal in western civilization. The term greedy only feeds into their infantilism or narcissism. Name them for what they are: very needy little people.

Because they are so very "Needy" and childlike I think we should help them to become more mature.

Lets help the needy.

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