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A Public option- amid Private interest

Regarding a public option for health care one may propose a national proposition- This would by pass congress which may or may not be the way to go. However, there was a national proposition on this issue it was the 2008 election. Most Americans; regardless of the silly media town hall non-sense- voted for President Obama- and he articulated his proposal regarding this issue.

In order to pay for a public option, President Obama would have to make enormous cuts to the military budget. Now a provocative statment: If we, as a nation pulled out of the middle east- What would happen to all the hungry people, the homeless people, the poorly educated, all who live in poverty in this nation? One of two things: either it would stay the same or become better. ( most likely stay the same, however; funding to help could become more available). All the poor veterans and other citizens, what would they do if we pulled out of Afhganistan?

Regarding the Town hall meetings: Although I am White- when I look at the town hall displays on TV- I haved to state- White people have got to, I say got to, stop acting so white!

These angry white faces are ugly to watch. They appear so mean spirited- yes this statment is also mean spirited but someone has to say it!

We people are so afraid of giving up our property- our private interests, our little advantages- and we pretend that we love each other- One nation under god and all that BS. I am aware by sheer numbers, not percentages or "incidence of"- that most people who are poor in this country are white- It is not most white people are poor but most people in this country who are poor are white. Most single mothers are white, most people on welfare are white, most people who commit crimes are white. It is therefore not necessarily a race issue, However; race has been a severe disadvantage and a cause for severe abuse for minorities in this country.

I don't know if this little experiment in capitalism called the USA will ever mature; or perhaps what has been happening is a form of old age or maturity- I hope not, I hope this is just growing pains until it becomes better some day.

We are such a silly little people- one must either laugh or cry- I guess laughing is better but crying is a very appropriate response as well.

If people who think they had it made are feeling such outrage- what do you think about the outrage of the powerless, the poor, the hungry, the unemployed, the uninsured?

Maybe a chance for some empathy?

I am aware that my snotty little post here could not inspire much empathy- but I am mostly outraged by what goes on in this little experiment know as the USA!

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