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I Can't Get No Satisfaction

There is too much information being presented through various forms of media i.e., TV, Computers- Social Media, I -Phones, Radios, News Papers, Magazines, Posters, Billboards, Mailings, etc. So much information being presented at rapid speed it is impossible for any individual to actually intergrate and take seriously the world as presented through media. Also there is an enormous amout of Marketing material designed to inspire the consumer to make purchases.

So much useless…


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Why Obama wins

I think most people instinctively know the economy will either improve, stay the same or become worse  no matter who is president. Regardless of this, many people will still vote. People will vote for window dressing- Obama appears to make better window dressing than Romney. Obama should win this election- because he is known and liked better than Romney.


The economy is connected to everything else all domestic and forgien policy issues are connected to economic interest. So…


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A lost alienated state to find oneself

Only in Capitalism could natural phenomena - Nurishment and Shelter be turned into somthing one has to seek after in the form of a dream the american dream- a home and sustenance.


What a twisted reality man has created for himself.

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Opposite of an intent


It appears that at some point in time people utilized some form of exchange in order to facilitate their lives. Some form of exchange to make life more simple and perhaps better. However, over time it appears that the means of exchange ceased being a way to facilitate life and became a distructive force. The original purpose turned on itself and became it's opposite;The means of exchange became superior to life itself. Life became subjugated to the means of exchange. One can…


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Good for goose good for gander

 Because of Citizens United Supreme Court decision basically justifyng corporations having individual rights- That is, the individual right to free speech - Then if they are deemed to have this individual freedom, it only follows that they must pay a tax rate at the individual effective rate and not corporate rate with only 15% for dividens etc.


What is good for the gooses is good for the gander- Pay the Tax or shut up!

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A straight line


 Language could be simple if it were not for the lies that have become necessary in a convoluted exploitative economic system. To be covert, sinister, hidden, shim-sham, shyster, sell a bill of goods, the brooklyn bridge if you will- to get over, to make it, to out wit and win over all lies inherent to Capitalism.


What is wrong with people who expect politicians to not be capitalisits? Why is it people are confused about politicians taking advatage of their elected…


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A useless Rumsfeld

Rumsfeld is a bag boy for international investors he is a timid useless excuse for a human being almost as timid as Dick Cheeney.


Peter King of New York another bag boy bringing home the cash to local investors under the guise of "freedom and security." 

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Let Love

Okay what shall we do to get a sing along going? Who wants to start the song? Let me try since everyone is so shy. "Born down in a dead man's town, the first kick I got was when I hit the ground, end up like a dog that's been beaten too much till you spend half your life just covering up" Born in the USA.


Is this a good song? How about one from Paul Simon? "Many the times I've been mistaken and many times confused and I've often felt forsaken and certainly misused, but I'm…


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Tax Cuts

Regarding the Federal government- there is not a spending problem, there is a revenue problem.


Now that the rich received an extension of the tax cuts- Democrats must constatnly ask:


Where are the jobs? The living wage jobs? Now that the doubt of whether or not Tax Cuts would be extended is gone.


Where are the living wage jobs?- if they don't come soon - bye bye tax cuts.

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Now that the Republican's have been granted their "tax-cut" for the rich, please all democrats constantly on all forms of media remind them of the following:WHERE ARE THE NEW JOBS RICH PEOPLE HAVE CREATED?



You see the problem is not that there is too much spending, the problem is that those making billions do not pay enormous taxes and they should.




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A joyful path to criticism

There are many ways to apprehend the abuses our economic system inflicts upon all of us. One way will be explored as I discuss the feelings most American people place upon leisure and idleness. I will borrow much from the 19th century Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche; in fact I will paraphrase from his aphorism named, "Leisure and idleness."

There is something of the American lust for gold and the breathless haste with which we work for monetary gain,…


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Best Sellers

From Fredich Nietzsche:

"Best Sellers are ill smellers as they have the sticky feel of small people."

Added by JOHN on August 22, 2010 at 10:12pm — No Comments

It also ends.

Well, Well, Well- John Is Back! What have all of you been doing of late? Has the absurdity of meaning brought to you from mediated commercial interest been continuing to let you down? Don't fear here is a hopeful admonition. Just remember the following:

" The good thing about Capitalism is that it too shall pass."

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A Timid Man

On C-Span's Washington Journal this morning the guest was discussing Veteran's Health Care.

While listening to this discussion I began to realize that this topic opens a path through which a basic flaw in American Capitalism is exposed.

The flaw arises upon realizing that in the ideal, the abstract notion of America, Veterans are praised in lofty hyperbole worthy of the upmost respect, admiration and concern. However, in the real day to day life of people living in a…


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A:Many times it becomes the only power left to one's avail;It is almost always unwelcome and unfortunately it is usually of no consequence.

Q: What is the Truth?

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It all breaks apart.

Regarding an important aspect not often mentioned when reflecting upon the events on the day of 911, it is essential to ask: Why was the Emergency Broadcast system not utilized over the air waves on this day to instruct people of what to do as well as what the status of events were at any giving time?

One may say that any refelection upon this event that occurred over nine years ago is simply 20/20 hindsight. However the authorities who did not activate the Emergency Broadcast system… Continue

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Discrimination based on Wealth and Income: The health care debate

Regarding the Health Care Debate- Senator Harkin (D) Iowa spoke about discrimination based on health in relation to the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. His argument concerned itself with some being placed in a high risk pool. He and President Obama articulated that this mechanism was basically unfair because the cost for insurance to those in this pool would be too expensive.


This brings up an essential problem regarding not only Health Care but all human…


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A Positive Thought

Watching Charlie Rose last evening I was pleasantly engaged while listening to Barbara Ehrenreich- author, essayist and columist. She reminds us of the ill effects from which this culture suffers due to the positive thinking industry and all this implies; the kind peddled by motivational speakers one many times finds in corporate america.

Her ideas and comments on this topic are akin to my own considerations. The push for ordinary people to deny certain realities arising out of our…


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The Rising Obama Democrats

About the emerging dichotomy in the Rebulican party between those who wish to connect to and those who wish to be dis-connected from the so- called tea parties, town hall meetings and the paltry amount of people who protested at the Washington mall last weekend.

It is many times purported that the average American citizen is moderate in relation to issues and does not fall into the extreme catergories of the left or right. However if one observed the protest against healthcare reform… Continue

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JOHN Ready to continue soon

I am back and will write much more once I re- work my computer- I have much to say- and will say it.

I am currently having difficulty with my computer and attempting to iron out the problems.

I hope the most "powerful" man in the world goes in front of the tide and demands it to wait.

Good luck as it waits for no man- all of us alienated- abstract- removed -dis-intergraded- beings think we have it made- well we better take our diamond rings and pawn them- we better… Continue

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