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At what cost- money

I want to say something, what it is I do not yet know. Hopefully it will come to me. I hope I will not "Sigh" after my idea is put in words as in Nietzsche's aphorism-

Sigh- "I caught this insight on the way and quickly seized the rather poor words that were closest to hand to pin it down lest it fly away again. And now it has died of these arid words and shakes and flaps in them-and I hardly know any more when I look at it how I could ever have felt so happy when I caught this… Continue

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setting the record straight- being nice

To become ad hominem in ones rhetoric is not tasteful nor is it respectful of oneself or the one who is being attacked. Regardless of this admonition I shall proceed as follows:

1) Karl Rove- does not look like a pig.

2) George W. Bush does not look like a clown or Alfred E. Newman.

3) Mitt Romney does not look or speak as if he was helpless as a rich man's child.

4) William Kristol does present as a pampered, overly protected middle class chicken… Continue

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The theme in this post is being repeated as I wrote a previous one with this same theme several months ago.

The denotation of "greedy" to describe Wall Street Brokers, Investment bankers and other people who strive to make billions per year is doing a great disservice.

These immature humans require a term that is more precise and accurate. The term Needy would be more accurate. Now let me explain why"Needy" fits the bill.

In Western Civilization, the… Continue

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A dis-connect

A note about celebrity. Most of our celebrities [ not all] are entertainers. Centuries past, entertainers performed- that is "sang and danced" for the "royalty." These days celebrities perform for all of us for their feed.

Another note- Centuries past a symbol of wealth- as pictured in Baroque art- was heavy pale white women- On the other hand- the peasants- were hard bodied and darked by the sun. These days a symbol of wealth is hard bodies darkened by the sun- Humans - go… Continue

Added by John on August 13, 2009 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

A Public option- amid Private interest

Regarding a public option for health care one may propose a national proposition- This would by pass congress which may or may not be the way to go. However, there was a national proposition on this issue it was the 2008 election. Most Americans; regardless of the silly media town hall non-sense- voted for President Obama- and he articulated his proposal regarding this issue.

In order to pay for a public option, President Obama would have to make enormous cuts to the military budget.… Continue

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Too much ignorance from Fox

Please excuse the use of '"Irish'' as I attempt to excoriate Sean Hannity in this post- I am utilizing it mostly as a tool to criticize him.

Sean Hannity needs to be removed from the air waves- First reason is a personal one: I am also of Irish decent being that my great-great grandparents came from Ireland and he is giving Irish people a very bad name. I hope that most Irish people are not as stupid and ignorant as he is- but I have known some pretty stupid ones in my own… Continue

Added by John on July 30, 2009 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Wondering about squirrels

It is a beautiful day and you are driving to the local supermarket. You arrive at the parking lot looking for a place to park and what happens? There are others who are also either parked or looking for parking. And yes while you were driving there were others on the road getting in your way.

What happened to the beautiful day?---

If one stops and looks around they will observe certain behaviors in themselves and others. Look at the way people guard their prize possesion,… Continue

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A Watchful Eye

It occurred to me that there are many honest people who live in our communities. The word, "Honest," as most words, can become quite complicated when one begins to delve deeper into its' meaning. However, for the purpose of the point being made here I wish to keep it simple.

We all know honest people among our friends and families- But more than likely these honest people are not the primary political or economic decision makers within our communities; be it large cities or… Continue

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Having it made, no need to change here.

It very much appears that most people live very mundane lives. This opening sentence, eleven words, if left to stand by itself would bring about two basic understandings. For the mundane- they would more than likely see a life where husband and wife who live in a multi-million dollar home, both drive cars each worth over $60,000.00, take three vacations per year including one overseas, eat at expensive restaurants, wear expensive clothes, seek out friends who share the same life style and… Continue

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A goodbye and perhaps another chance for a good lesson

The very dynamics that bring about such extreme adulation and emotion when a celebrity dies are the same that create the distortion in the minds of many of these celebrities.

The need for modern man to exhault popular figures is an indictment upon civilization itself. The lack, loss, disintegration, unreality of modern life requires a vessel toward which we as a collective may project our hopes and aspirations upon. But these so called hopes and aspirations are more a mourning of a… Continue

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Lower than Peter King? Impossible!

I see Congressman Peter king from New York has an opinion regarding low lives. Hmm- Is he looking in the mirror? Anyone who is familiar with this man knows he is basically a bag boy for his local power wielding purse string holding idiots. His current assignment has been to bring home the bacon based on fear. He is fond of touting terrorism crap- The new message is simple- people want JOBS living wage JOBS.

Give it up low life Peter King. People want the economy to bring living wage… Continue

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Too Tired of the Lie are We

The late local ABC New York Eyewitness News anchor Roger Grimsby would end his broadcast- "hoping your news is good news." Roger was erudite, wise and did not say these words meaninglessly. What he meant was: What you just witnessed on TV is a commercial driven, directed, edited, scripted, staged and lighted for the camera performance that is designed to fire your imagination. Your personal news, the news in your life is what actually matters.

This message remains important-… Continue

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On Boxing

Reasons to exclaim why Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer ever. Or perhaps the Greatest heavyweight ever. First he was the quickest heavyweight both by hand and foot, he could take a punch as good as any, he was superior to every other heavyweight in mental focus and strength. He was a great showman as well as athelete.

He won the title by knocking out Sonny Listion, regained it by knocking out George Forman- and if you wish edification regarding the Forman fight- please watch… Continue

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A long about way to state a fact about Dick Cheney

I wish to consider iconic images in our culture; those images most of us come to know through various forms of media. Media meaning: TV, Movies, Books, Magazines, Radio, internet, etc. I will list some male images in our culture that have been in the media over the last fifty years. After listing some, I wish to make a few comments.

Some names: Malcolm X, MLK, Jr., John Wayne, George W. Bush, Robert Kennedy, Matt Dillion of (Gun Smoke) Dick Cheney, LBJ, Muhammad Ali, Dick Clark, Rush… Continue

Added by John on May 24, 2009 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

Any comments?

In relation to an Op-Ed I posted quoting Nietzsche's "On the genius of the species," one part of this quote states... ( Paraphrased).. "The part of our thinking that arises into consciousness is the smallest, most shallow and the worst part." Well if one stops to collect their thoughts, what is it we worry about most or to be more precise what concerns us the most as adults? Is it not money, the contacts we have or hope to gain in relation to money? Of course health is a concern but this also… Continue

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The abundant earth and sun

Because human beings are self-aware and utilize the man made apparatus we label consciouness;all constructs that come to mind are fraught with contradiction, hypocracy, errors and can easily be argued for or against with "logical" words and ideas. In accord with this, it is political will and human law that rules the day for most major events throughout the globe.

One can readily arrive at many examples of how to showcase the tenuous nature of just about every belief or "fact" humans… Continue

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Useful BS- What fools we mortals be

Regarding words, ideas and all that- I could not have said it better than what follows:

On the "genius of the species."- The problem of consciousness (more precisely, of becoming conscious of something) confronts us only when we begin to comprehend how we could dispense with it; and now physiology and the history of animals place us at the beginning of such comprehension ( it took them two centuries to catch up with leibniz's suspicion which soared ahead). For we could think,… Continue

Added by John on May 10, 2009 at 11:30pm — 1 Comment

An Ode to Professor Irwin Corey/ Comic relief

Q: Professor Corey what is your assessment of the economic downturn?

PC: Interesting question, when one ventures to opine on such a dynamic fluidity as is the case toward focusing on economic confluences of events, one must proceed with vigorous caution.

Q: Vigirous caution?

PC: Yes, a vigorous caution in the sense that an attempt at a corrective maladaptation is usually owing to more that a singular external stimulus arising out of not only domestic but more… Continue

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A Whole lot of love

People celebrate moments in their lives as a way to demarcate significant events. What are some of these moments that we celebrate? Engagements, marriage, children, first homes, school graduations, promotions. We celebrate national and religious holidays, political elections and so on. We tend to mark these moments as singular crowing achievements.

This celebratory impulse is perhaps instinctual, however it may be an example of an instinct inhibited in its aim, as Freud would aver.… Continue

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A necessary Journey

Mindless people all over being ruled by meaningless objects, property values, home interior decorating, style and brand of automobile, style and brand of clothing- style and brand of the covering of their mindless lives.

People in neighborhoods all over this thing we call the USA for many many decades continue to gather together in church halls, clubs, chamber of commerce meetings etc., protecting their little narrow judgemental lives.

Small minded silly people with no… Continue

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