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National Day Of Protest Against Prop 8

Original Post @ A World Of Progress

What good does attending a protest do?

I have to do something.

And this gives me something to do with this little "issue" I have developed.

This not going to let it go this time and just slip back into social oblivion "issue".

I have been trying for a week to put it away. I have always been able to do that throughout my entire life. I was always… Continue

Posted on November 14, 2008 at 1:30am — 2 Comments

Joe The Plumber-A Republican Metaphor

Joe? Where are you Joe? Paging Joe The Plumber

Joe The Plumber is the perfect poster boy and metaphor for what is wrong with conservatism.

I have noticed the ideology tends to be a tad bit self-serving.

There is no loyalty among hypocrites.

None at all.

McCain even had to bus in school kids to get a crowd. What's with that? School kids?

And Sarah Palin is already bucking for his job… Continue

Posted on October 30, 2008 at 7:30pm — 1 Comment

What If Hope Wins?

Previously posted at A World Of Progress

I don't really want to contemplate the future of our country under another four years of "conservative leadership" (and yes, those are sarcastic air-quotes). Or more of the kind of leadership that exudes hypocrisy and expects the world to do as we as say and not as we do, a country that is more afraid of terrorists wearing… Continue

Posted on October 29, 2008 at 9:16pm — 3 Comments

Welcome To Asheville, Governor Palin

Originally posted at A World Of Progress

If you have never been to Asheville before, Governor, you may not want to do to much wandering around outside the friendly confines of the Civic Center and away from your kool-aid drinking constituents. The Civic Center where you will be speaking is dangerously close to a very popular lesbian bookstore and I would not want myself or any of my friends who would like to marry our partners but… Continue

Posted on October 26, 2008 at 2:58pm — 1 Comment

Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 10:55am on October 28, 2008, Katie said…
Hey AWOP, welcome to the site. Thanks for posting so soon, I really enjoyed your first post.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, suggestions or comments. I'm putting a link to your Web site on our list of members' sites on the right side of the page. Enjoy!
At 8:31pm on October 28, 2008, awop said…
Hi katie and adam,

Thanks...I can't help it...that woman (palin) makes me so nuts. She represents the worst of this country to me.

Thanks for the link Katie and I am afraid I don't know what may be ailing said link, Adam.

Thanks for the welcome and i will certainly cross-post to we op ed again.

At 9:37pm on October 28, 2008, Katie said…
The link I posted on our list of member sites works, so no worries there.
At 8:29am on October 30, 2008, Razorwire said…
Hey, just back from your site. I didn't see the old design but really like the new one. I would have commented there but.. no open ID or blogger.

So I'll just pop you here when I have a comment for your site.


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