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New York
Favorite Quote:
"America let's see your balls" "You measure a democracy by the freedom it gives its dissidents, not the freedom it gives its assimilated conformists."
About Me:
We Op-Ed's managing editor. I'm 23 and work as a web producer for a local news site in the tri-state area, but I pretend I'm a historian and activist. I watch the news more than is healthy.
Issues I Care About:
war in Iraq, corporate responsibility, universal health care, media ownership, global warming, Obams
Favorite Web finds:
IFC Media Project
Read the Decoding the Media Handbook here

This really strange, but somewhat obvious idea from Flop Your Vote is available in Obama blue too. Even though summer's over, why not walk around the house with your feet adorned with tiny little heads?


Read more about the Sarah Cuda. It's a cross-bow for little girls inspired by the one and only Gov. Sarah Palin, courtesy of Lakota Industries.

Obama Waffles is actual waffle mix with "political satire on the box." Also available:  Palin Pasta Mooseburger Helper


Obama and McCain plush toys for pooches from Headline Dog Toys. Unfortunately for McCain, his toy looks a lot like Lorne Michaels. 
DemocraticStuff.com has an Obama pin for just about every niche community you can think of. Hippies, mohawks and bus drivers are among those who can buy personalized pins.
Short and sweet, but witty when you really think about it. From VictoryStore.com, a bumper sticker but also available in a T-shirt.


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Katie's Op-Eds

No, no, Ralph!

An e-mail from the Nader campaign went out to supporters Sunday night that could be dangerous. Although, you'd think most of those who get Nader's e-mails are already supporters. But, I get his e-mails (obviously) and I have no intention of voting for him.

The e-mail calls for recipients to vote their "conscience" by voting Nader because Obama's going to win in a blowout.

It reads:

It's going to be a blowout. All the Sunday talk shows predict…

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 8:41pm — 5 Comments

Do We Really Need to See the Footage?

Why does MSNBC show the actual coverage from Sept. 11, 2001 on each anniversary of the terrorist attacks? I can’t imagine someone wanting to put themselves through the emotional turmoil they felt that morning by watching the events unfold in real time. Stop me if it’s just me. Is it not enough that we have seen our country, and arguably the world, changed in many ways for the worse? Aren’t the ceremonies in New York City and Washington, D.C. enough to remind us?

Watching the names… Continue

Posted on September 11, 2008 at 10:52am — 2 Comments

2 Black Sheep in the Democratic Party

This may be a bit delayed, but I think it’s worth noting. Amid the historical moments and overall great speeches of the Democratic National Convention, at least two men were missing from the affair (no pun intended): Former President Jimmy Carter and Former Sen. John Edwards. While watching the proceedings, I got so wrapped up in the speeches that were given and didn’t really pay attention to who didn’t speak.

Carter was physically there, but as one… Continue

Posted on September 2, 2008 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Tie-Dye Mecca

Two and a half hours northwest of New York City sits a 600-acre field that housed what is deemed one of the most important cultural events of the past few decades. Now, 39 years later, there sits a museum.

And I, being constantly nostalgic for a time period I never lived in, felt the lure of a psychedelically painted bus and guitar riffs pulling me upstate. The Story of the Sixties and Woodstock exhibit at The Museum at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts opened in June. Why it took… Continue

Posted on August 8, 2008 at 1:42pm

Why I Am Not a "Jewish Voter"

I used to find older Jews' skepticism and suspicion of "goyim" endearing, even cute in an old world way. It's a relic from a time when American Jews needed to be defensive because of the prejudice of outsiders. Understandable. But it's only endearing insofar as it doesn't affect anything tangible, like whom the next president will be.

It seems as if Jews of the senior set adopted, with almost no qualms, Hillary Clinton as a fellow tribeswoman. And the always-Democratic-leaning voters… Continue

Posted on July 29, 2008 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

Comment Wall (34 comments)

At 11:36pm on April 7, 2008, Dangi said…
Thanks! Glad to be here...maybe it'll force me to come up with something mildly intelligent to say....

However, if that faux-girls gone wild banner pops up one more time i'm going to deactivate my profile. At least pretend to be selling t-shirts or something. It's very discouraging for this site...can you do something about it? Thanks.
At 12:38am on June 5, 2008, Neha said…
you were on the main page this morning and I yelled (to nobody because I am alone supposedly studying) "THATS MY FRIEND!" I was/am excited.
At 12:39am on June 5, 2008, Neha said…
and by this morning, i mean five minutes ago.
At 12:16am on June 6, 2008, Dangi said…
such a high-roller.
At 10:32am on June 15, 2008, Dangi said…
hey cynic.


love always,
the most cynical of cynics
At 12:35am on July 2, 2008, Justin said…
Katie, that is an amazing idea. I'd love to get that guy on here. How would we get in touch with him. Next week, I'll be posting an interview I did over email with the authors of Millennial Makeover, about how our generation is gonna save us all. Would love to get some more authors on here as well. I just bought The Uprising and will crack it open tonight. You read it yet?
At 2:15am on August 11, 2008, Sean Maloney said…
miss katie

thanks for the comment
and yes the media are whores who will find there resting place
hopefully in the depths of hell
where i will poke them with hot daggers
and they will bleed out all there lies
that they have told over time to make money in this life
then they can move up the ladder of hell
to just plain old pieces of shit

we will figure this game out
or maybe we already have
and its time for the post now to die
and let the young and truthful of heart to take over
which i think we are

our intelligence and truth will prevail
at least it will go down in posterity
that we were not the whores

thanks for the comment

sean maloney
At 1:24pm on August 21, 2008, JP said…
Thank you for the welcome note!

I'm enjoying the site and find the op-eds fascinating.

Always interesting, the inclusive language of "care."
While I too have concerns about all the issues you list on your profile, I'm fairly certain that our solutions to those concerns in each case would be very different.

That is why the rights of individuals to be minimally coerced by their government is so important, lest either of us be forced to do or support what we abhor.

Here's to our anomalous freedom!

"Men cannot be forced to he free, nor can they even be forced to be virtuous. To a certain extent, it is true, they can be forced to act as though they were virtuous. But virtue is the fruit of well-used freedom."
-Frank S. Meyer, In Defense of Freedom: A Conservative Credo (Chicago: Henry Regnery, 1962), p. 66.
At 10:10pm on September 6, 2008, Aaron Dellutri said…
Well, thank you Katie. I'm sure I'll enjoy this site.
At 5:17pm on September 10, 2008, Hans Gruen said…
Thanks for the welcome note and the link Katie.

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